From 07/10/2016 to 07/15/2016

Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 - 43, bd du 11 novembre 1918 - 69622 Villeurbanne

Proceedings submission

Regarding the proceedings, you'll have to upload you manuscript using the same platform you used for abstract submission. To submit your manuscript please sign in your personal space (with your e-mail address and password) and go to ‘My Abstracts’ tab to upload your paper.
Note, that only the fully registered person will be allowed to submit a presented contribution. A single contribution per registered participant is allowed. Information for authors wishing to submit a manuscript to the journal, can find information via the following link:


It is mandatory to use provided IOP templates. Manuscripts are limited to 6 pages long. We extend the submission deadline to Friday 29th of July, and the server will be shut down. All the papers will be peer reviewed.